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Yisinda Metal Co., Ltd. 怡欣達金屬有限公司

Foundry | Aluminum Casting Parts | Motorcycle Cylinders |...

Today is 28,Feb,2020
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About Us
''Behind every business, there is a real human being.
Find that person you can trust and with whom you are willing to work. ''  
                                                                                       Fang-Ren Huang, the founder of Yisinda Metal 

A Letter to Dear Prospective Customers

   We wouldn’t bore you with empty blablabla that makes you close this page and lose an opportunity to know a qualified, diligent, and honest supplier from Taiwan. Since you have your eye on ''about Us'', we suppose that you are carefully searching an aluminium gravity die castings manufacturer that you hope which can provide quality casting products and service. Then, YOU COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

A company, of good character  

   To sell us to you, first of all, we want to talk about “the personality of this company” .
Why? Because behind every business, there are real human beings who run things in different styles. To give your first order to a overseas supplier whom you never meet, basically, a stranger! That’s scary. How can you not care about the personality of the person in charge?
   Yisinda metal is founded in 2012, a renaissance of a 25 years old foundry with profound casting experience and knowledge. The founder, Mr. Fang-Ren Huang, is a typical Taiwanese man, diligent, down-to-earth, and of great integrity. Now his son, Yung-Hsun Huang, is leading Yi Sin Da metal Co. with the family legacy. We respect professional knowledge, embrace honesty, and accept challenges that make us grow stronger. We believe that’s how we’re distinguished from our competitors.

More a partner than a supplier

    We’ve worked with several leading brands of custom motorcycle parts, providing cylinders and cylinder heads for motorcycles, ATVs, and PWCs. These creative customers have brought us their unique(sometimes crazy) ideas and unconventional thinking about their products' performance. This type of partnership polishes our professional skills and shapes us to be a flexible, issue-solving, and experienced casting expert.
   As you might know that casting isn’t only about melting, pouring, and cooling, each foundry has its own know-hows. Just like in each family, every grandma has her secret of how to cook a best soup. However, no matter it’s a piece of casting component or a bowl of soup, eventually comes an ultimate one that is to most people’s liking. And we want to and will be the one.

   If you are looking for a like-minded supplier, here we are. We are located in the south of Taiwan, based in a small town called Jiali. Welcome to throw us your drawings or ideas!(by e-mails, easier…)

Main Products :
Aluminium Gravity Die Castings
- cylinders
- cylinder heads
- custom casting components

Company Profile
Company Name:Yisinda Metal Co., Ltd. 怡欣達金屬有限公司
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of origin:Taiwan/Tainan City
Capital:100000 USD
Registered Year:2012
Business Scope: Global
Main Product:Foundry | Aluminum Casting Parts | Motorcycle Cylinders | Motorcycle Cylinder Heads | PWC Parts
Sell Products:Aluminium Gravity Die Castings | Casting Parts | Cylinders | Cylinder Heads | PWC Parts
Business Scope:
Motorcycles & Parts / Engines & Components / Cylinders & Components
Motorcycles & Parts / Body Components / Forging / Casting Parts & Power Metallurgy