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Yisinda Metal Co., Ltd. 怡欣達金屬有限公司

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Today is 21,Jul,2018
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About Us
''Behind every business, there is a real human being.
Find that person you can trust and with whom you are willing to work. ''  
                                                                                       Fang-Ren Huang, the founder of Yisinda Metal 

A Letter to Dear Prospective Customers

   We wouldn’t bore you with empty blablabla that makes you close this page and lose an opportunity to know a qualified, diligent, and honest supplier from Taiwan. Since you have your eye on ''about Us'', we suppose that you are carefully searching an aluminium gravity die castings manufacturer that you hope which can provide quality casting products and service. Then, YOU COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

A company, of good character  

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